Plusieurs centaines de personnes ont dĂ©filĂ© samedi Ă  Pretoria pour dĂ©noncer le flĂ©au des violences faites aux femmes et aux enfants, dans la foulĂ©e d’une rĂ©cente sĂ©rie de meurtres et d’agressions Ă  caractère sexuel qui ont choquĂ© l’Afrique du Sud.

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  1. comrades it is most unfortunate but if truth is told we will find men of South Africa are among barbaric plus weakest in Africa primarily due to what President Zuma referred to in other matters as ignorance plus failure to evolve to modern day more sophisticated thinking. That is a shocking viewpoint for a Buntu president to take of his people when he acknowledge as much condition is usually much worse. In South Africa case Buntu men possess above average degree of cowardice plus stupidity. Where you find cowards filled with stupidity they usually commit violent acts against those most vulnerable. In South Africa’s case it is women, children plus unarmed migrants. Often these stupid cowards attack even most unarmed vulnerable with weapons or assistance from other cowards. It is obvious they learned these methods from apartheid government who oppressed them during days of apartheid. In some cases knowledge of those method are passed on to younger generation plus in both cases are now being used to abuse plus oppress Buntu people. Severe penalty must be invoked on all found guilty plus pursuit of all offenders unto they are apprehended are required to break a continuation of these senseless plus inhumane acts. Barbaric acts obligate in kind response from LAW ENFORCEMENT. Anything less is submission to those barbaric acts. Very much sincere, Henry Price aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan.


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