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The Rugby World Cup for six weeks big, strong men have bashed lumps out of each other while chasing an egg shaped ball.

They loved every minute of it, and so have we along with millions of fans around the world.

So here are our favourite moments from the tournament things that have made us laugh, look on in wonder and occasionally shed a tear. Gladiators, we salute you.

1. Japan toppling South Africa

Rugby greatest moment? Japan celebrate after their last gasp victory over South Africa (AP/PA)

It was the moment that stunned the World Cup, brought it to life and will doubtless come to define it. wholesale jerseys from china South Africa’s pool game against Japan was meant to be an easy warm up, but the Brave Blossoms had other ideas.

Australia David Pocock, probably the player of the tournament, joined the Fijian huddle after the two teams met in the group stages to show his respects. It was a great example and sure enough his fellow Wallabies joined in. Legend.

3. Rugby fans always help another in trouble

This is brilliant. So rugby. Post by mate of a mate, Gemma.

When one poor soul found himself in this sticky situation he turned to those around him and they didn’t let him down.

Now that’s team work at its best.

4. A first RWC try for 12 years

Uruguay got hammered by an average of more than 50 points over their four pool games. But against Fiji, Carlos Arboleya scored his nation’s first try at a Rugby World Cup in 12 years.

He and his team mates understandably went mad, as did head coach Pablo Lemoine the last Uruguayan to score at the RWC, against England in 2003.

To top it off, after Arboleya’s try scrum half Agustin Ormaechea touched down for a second in the same game before promptly getting sent off.

5. Gorgodzilla’s face

Georgia captain Mamuka Gorgodze is humbled after being named man of the match against New Zealand (Screengrab/Rugby World Cup/Facebook)

After being named man of the match against the mighty All Blacks, this was the expression on Georgia captain Mamuka Gorgodze’s face.

Shocked and humbled, it’s fair to say he’s pretty pleased which makes a nice change from the “joy” with which players in other sports pick up such awards.

The efforts marked the most drastic steps in the standoff that has extended more than two weeks, halting action on Gov. Scott Walker plan to end most collective bargaining for state workers, which he says is critical to solving the state budget crisis.

On Thursday night, a judge ordered around 100 protesters who had been spending the night there for weeks to leave, although he said they could return during regular business hours. During a hearing over access to the Capitol, police said they found 41 rounds of .22 caliber rifle ammunition scattered at several locations outside the building.

In an interview, Walker said he will issue layoff notices to 1,500 state workers today if his proposal, which also would force the workers to pay more for benefits, isn passed. Because the Senate Democrats left, the chamber doesn have a quorum.

While Walker said he is actively working with some of the Democrats in hopes of striking a deal, he said he won compromise on the collective bargaining issue or anything that saves the state money.

can take any of that off the table, he said. cannot tear apart this budget. We cannot put this burden on local governments. But if there are other ways they are willing to work with us to find a pathway back, I think that what people want. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller confirmed there were talks with Walker, but he did not think they were close to reaching a deal.

The Republican leader of the state Senate signed orders finding the 14 AWOL Democrats in contempt and allowing the chamber sergeant at arms to use police force to detain them if necessary. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said his orders are only binding should the senators return to Wisconsin. deadline for the senators to appear at the chamber. When none of them did, Fitzgerald signed the orders in dramatic fashion in the center of the Senate chamber.

Fitzgerald called on any Wisconsin citizens who see the senators to contact police. He argued the resolution is about restoring order to the Senate and not the issues surrounding the union bill, which has led to three weeks of demonstrations by tens of thousands of protesters at the state Capitol.

Walker budget proposal hinges on the state saving $330 million over two years from forcing state workers to pay more for their benefits. He also cutting aid to schools and local governments by about $1 billion, reductions he says they can handle without the freedom he gives them through eliminating nearly all collective bargaining with public workers.

Walker said he has to issue the layoff notices starting today so the state can start to realize the $30 million savings he had assumed would come from the state worker concessions contained in the bill.http://www.cheapjerseysfreeshipping.cc The layoffs wouldn be effective for 31 days, and Walker said he could rescind them if the bill passed in the meantime.

All state workers, except those at prisons, state hospitals and other facilities open around the clock, would be potential layoff targets, he said.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association, representing 11,000 law enforcement officials from across the state, released a statement from its director Jim Palmer slamming the Senate Republicans resolution to go after the Democrats.

thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics, Palmer said.

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