Rasta Bath démolition des étales des vendeurs de téléphone dans la Rue Malitel, Ce Mardi 24 Janvier,


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  1. Ras bath que Dieu de bénis ce gay de la justice ne peu pas te faire taire dans peut de temps il va quitter sa portefeuille. Il est le plus corrompus de la famille juducaire. Tu as un écris patriote .vive l esprit Rasta

  2. Comrade Ras Bath unfortunately I do not yet speak French or whatever language you were speaking in your video but, your body language was saying much. Being intelligent man you is I know you know your body language was expressive but I have a question to put to you as elder members of my family would it to me. Question is why do not you only acknowledge problems but also a feasible solution to those problems? A solution in which it is timely within our ability to carry out as near perfection as we are able. Then you will have taken a meaningful plus productive step toward becoming a leader Africa will need for years. Very much sincere, Henry Author Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan.

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