The judge ruled last week the deposition may be used at Cosby


Great highlights of this festival included an announcement by Emirati filmmaker Ali F. Mostafa (pictured above left, with Rami Yasin) who teamed up once again with Image Nation Abu Dhabi to direct a thriller titled The Worthy. Hollywood veterans Peter Safran (The Conjuring, Annabelle) and Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity, Insidious) have come onboard to produce the project with Mostafa’s regional producer embodied by Rami Yasin (From A to B, Sea Shadow).

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cheap christian louboutin shoes Cosby has pleaded not guilty.At a hearing, the defense portrayed the potential prosecution witnesses as “bandwagon” accusers who came forward because they sought to cash in on Cosby fame and wealth.The women went public at the urging of “clever, cunning lawyers who had the agenda of bringing down an American icon,” Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle told Montgomery County Judge Steven O who must determine whether some or all of the accusers will be permitted to take the witness stand.The two day hearing closed without a decision, with the judge saying he take some time before ruling.McMonagle argued prosecutors dredged up unsubstantiated assault allegations dating to the 1960s to try to breathe life into a weak case, and he urged the judge to “follow the money” when examining the motives of the accusers.”There no good reason in this world for these uncorroborated christian louboutin clearance shoes, unconfirmed Christian Louboutin Clearance, unreported christian louboutin sale clearance, ancient allegations to be brought into this courtroom or any courtroom in this country,” he said afterward.Cosby is charged with assaulting Andrea Constand, then a Temple University employee. She filed a police complaint against Cosby christian louboutin clearance shoes, a long married father of five and her friend and mentor, but a prosecutor at the time declined to file charges.The judge ruled last week the deposition may be used at Cosby criminal trial, arming prosecutors with Cosby testimony about his affairs with young women, his use of quaaludes as a seduction tool and his version of the sexual encounter with Constand.Cosby attorney said Constand has offered shifting accounts of the encounter, making comparisons with the other accusers impossible. Under state law Christian Louboutin Clearance, prosecutors must demonstrate substantial similarities in the accusers accounts to be able to call them to the witness stand.Prosecutors have argued sexual assault victims often recall more details in subsequent interviews, and they say the discrepancies in Constand accounts aren material to the case.The other women should be allowed to testify, District Attorney Kevin Steele argued, because their stories are so similar they show the “handiwork of the same perpetrator.”Cosby befriended women who saw him as a mentor, incapacitated them out with pills and drinks and molested them, Steele said.”This is a lifetime of sexual assault on young women,” Steele told the judge.Cosby lawyers said the women stories aren similar enough to warrant their testimony cheap christian louboutin shoes.

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