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He still needs to pick up Qin Ruqing. Of course, this pick up will also include Lin Qingqiu. Lin Qingqiu's confession yesterday has started to take action today. The couple must pick up the children together. Late at night, the hot south wind blows the city particularly annoying. I leaned on the railings of the platform and looked far away. The quiet streets are still brightly lit, and seem to be struggling with the prosperity of this city. However, I am not fascinated by this. No matter how prosperous the city is, it is only a material environment for survival. It cannot be replaced. Or to fill the loss and emptiness in my heart. A little bit of time passed. When it was three o'clock in the afternoon, the nurse measured the body temperature again. This time it was no longer a high fever, and the temperature dropped. Bin was still sitting by the bed, his anxious and confused face reflected in the row of windows in the bedroom. He smoked again, one by one, the bad habit that had been banned for more than three years, and he contracted again. I know why he is. 'You owe me something, I'm happy, okay?' Jiang Yimiao put on a 'victor' gesture, waved his fist, and said to Gu Shi. Today is a rare day for the two of us to get together. Both of us are the chief doctors of the inpatient department. We go back and forth in the morning, midday, and evening shifts. 'Yes, you are from China, and you have a good relationship with the Dongfang family. You may be able to inquire about something.' The principal nodded and said, 'However, I didn't want you to do this right away. After all, it involves some secrets. Wait until the time is right. Let's go on.' At eight o'clock in the evening, we undressed and entered the room early after taking a bath. The cool air-conditioning wind blew people beautifully. I leaned naked on the head of the bed and carefully combed the pubic hair of my lower body. 'Bold, dare to be disrespectful to my sister!' Before Olia could speak, a loud voice sounded from behind her, and one person walked over. The bedside light reflected my well-proportioned figure. Although I was almost fifty, my breasts were still firm and my arms were round and elastic. I felt that my parents gave me a beautiful face and fair skin. ; My pubic hair is very thick, and it used to be the sign that my husband thinks of feeling sad. Due to the busy work of the two of them, it has been more than a month and we have not had a bad time. I think today should be a wonderful night. Let her hold his high-spirited-sequential novel collection 'Then what? How do you contact?' Andre took the ball from Sasha and asked, 'Just use this?' I opened my pair. Fuck, the desire and excitement in my heart make my love liquid. I watched him come, and I held up my pussy to accept him. 'By the way, our Mu family wants to take back this town. You have to trouble your Wen family to make room.' Mu Rongtian's voice faintly floated while staring at Wen Cheng who was leaving. Without foreplay, he entered me, and the strong thrust made me scream with joy. I really hope that this strength will never end. However, in less than two minutes, he flinched, weakened, and I seemed to have fallen into the abyss near the door of happiness... Liang Xueqing nodded lightly, then plunged her head into Yang Wei's arms, and Yang Wei took advantage of the situation and hugged her waist. We are all doctors and we know why. For more than half a year, my husband has never satisfied me once, and I am almost desperate. The Empress Empress was a little surprised when Yan Le was so serious that she dared not show it to others, but she dared to show it to Mu Lingyi. I have always been strong, especially after the age of forty, this kind of physiological thoughts have become stronger. Last year, I participated in an academic seminar in Shenzhen City, and my lifeless life for more than 20 days often kept me awake at night. Yan Le is holding the food in his mouth, throw it up... Knowing that he is in bed, he gets dirty when he throws up and can only swallow it. Once I went to a night goods store in Shenzhen. There was only one customer in the store. The guy on duty seemed to see through my mind and handed me a large self-stick. I hurriedly stuffed it in my bag and even took care of my change. He hurried back to the hotel if he didn't find it. He longed for her very deeply. He hugged her directly in front of others, kissed her, talked to her ears, and kissed her hair secretly. I used it that night, in excitement, the face of the guy on duty was always in my mind. I vented a lot. I haven’t been like this for many years. Even the sheets were wet. I almost had to dial the phone of the boy who provided the kind of service for the female party in the hotel... After I got home, I would use it whenever my husband’s night shift. On this baby, at the same time, I couldn't stop fantasizing about the face of the boy who was strange and familiar. 'Yes! Yan'er, she is stupid, she thinks I will love her and like her, but how is this possible? I will love no one except Yan'er.' I have always been respected in the hospital, not only Because I feel sad and beautiful, but also because I am stable. However, this trip to the Shenzhen market always gave me many peculiar ideas in physiology. 'Well, does Yan'er like it very much? I am looking forward to it!' He listened to her frivolous and cheerful voice, and unconsciously said something that made her more shy. At the end of last year, in a routine Fu Ke physical examination, the one who checked my health value was a very familiar young male doctor in Fu Ke in our hospital. I was very natural before going to the examination table. After all, I have been in the doctor for more than 20 years, and the nakedness of my body is not mysterious; however, when I took off the inner library in front of him and exposed my pubic hair, I couldn’t stop shaking suddenly. stand up. What worries him the most is whether Jiutian Qiluo will still display the emperor's aura. If that is the case, if he confronts Jiutian Qiluo, he will inevitably hurt the opponent directly. During the physical examination, he put two fingers into my vagina, and I felt very comfortable. The love fluid flowed a lot...In the middle of the examination, a female doctor who accompanied the examination went out, and I suddenly felt the vagina inserted. An unusually thick and hard thing, based on my experience, of course I know that this is his male root. To be honest, I felt a kind of pleasure and stabbing after years of loss. Shen Xuanru saw Jinhui still standing aside, and when he saw that this person's complexion was not good, he said: 'Jinhui's complexion is not good, it is better to go back and rest first.' Yang Heng looked at Jinhui, sighed but helpless, said in his heart: I knew so. , I should have forced Bao Chenmian to dachen'er's idea. Everything came so suddenly, I couldn't resist, let alone shout, it would make me unable to appear. I closed my eyes, pretending to be ignorant, hoping that he would penetrate deeper, and that he would end soon... However, he was very restrained, and with the sound of footsteps outside the door, he pulled out. The fourth-level monster in the lake escaped as early as when the two were fighting. The monsters that have opened their minds are sometimes smarter than humans, and any powerful aura is far beyond it, and they can take the opportunity to escape. How lucky. I tried my best to stay calm and natural, but I couldn't get rid of the blush... Yao Ze waved his hand, did not go in, and left with the three daughters. It seemed that the fate with the senior was exhausted, and he could barely come. According to my past mentality, I would definitely think that colleague took advantage of me, but this time, I really experienced it. I didn’t feel any filthy feelings. On the contrary, I felt novel and physiological irritation. The posture can still attract young men and be self-sufficient. Many times when I met him at work, I would look at him with embarrassment in my body and soul, and even hope that he will come to do a 'physical examination' for me again. He was wondering, but Huayue above the sea felt bad, how could it feel dangerous? She shook her lower figure quickly and appeared directly above the middle continent. Anxious life is a reflection of one's life, and happiness is a necessity for one's life. I feel that since that time, I seem to have been a lot younger... Only then did Yuan Shuang realize something was wrong, and hurriedly rubbed his face vigorously on him, and then stretched out his powder fist and beat him twice. It’s you!” (2) Yao Ze didn’t feel that the suction power was much stronger at this time. On the contrary, he also hoped that the suction power would be stronger. The huge easter egg was already full of cracks. Just like a chicken is born, he needs more energy to break it. Out of the shell! Bin choked on the smoke and coughed, and I suddenly became sad. He can’t be blamed for his failure. We have been married for so many years, and he has never taken a pity against me anywhere. The white-shirted monk stopped laughing and smiled, 'You humans don't often say that when you come, you are a guest? If you don't dislike it, please come to Snail House.' For many years, due to professional responsibilities, we often When not going to bed, sometimes the two of them went to bed undressed, and I also ignored his desire due to fatigue. As the chief doctor, he and I often work 16 or 7 hours a day. When we get home at night, there are a few times we can't wake up without taking off our clothes. Dongfang Yu’s eyes lit up. It would be best if he caught the kid as soon as possible. The remarks about atmospheric transport just now made him feel like sitting on pins and needles. If there is anything to do, the so-called atmospheric transport to this monster is better than that. Good boy! People who live in middle age, as people who come to live in the old life, will feel a sense of lack in the needs of the old, and this is the new horror. Coupled with busy work, the number of lives will definitely decrease significantly. Only then did the vulture wake up, and the old man he had worked with for many years was forced to blew himself up! He made a decisive decision, raising his head with a scream, and in a blink of an eye, dozens of figures in the distance began to fly towards here at extreme speed. In the past few years, in order to find these awkwardness, my husband thought of many ways for me, such as going to the suburbs to make love in the open air during the day, making love on the balcony, etc. I know his good intentions. He knows my needs, and today he smokes and blames himself, which made me feel narrow and self-confident. Naturally, these Yao Ze did not say that they were refined by himself, but he accidentally obtained them on a deserted island. Jin Huayi took out three jade boxes and let Yao Ze choose them, as long as they changed three magic elements. Dan. I went back to the room, and the cool air refreshed my bored heart. Bin greeted me and said to me apologetically: 'Ru Ru, shall we start again?' And everyone seems to be very worried about this. Think about it, and this method is not given. A reasonable answer seems to be for the chairman of their entire sales group, including a wife of the chairman. I said, 'Bin, don't blame yourself, I don't blame you!' And at this time, the uncle directly saw Aunt Xue look like this, and he would have a lesson, 'How can you be a big lady, how to do such a shame What's the matter? What are you crying for? Did you find a doctor to show your image?' Bin said: 'I have the ability and confidence. Although I have suffered for you over the past six months, don't get bored. Can we find some new ways?' Tomorrow I said that I have run this far, of course, I just need to run here. If a profound beast is not a profound beast, ordinary profound beasts can deal with it. Then He Lei throws it away, and the fifth-class profound beast can only run away with his tail between , The ones who are too strong are inherently less, and the luck is not so bad. I joked and said: 'You have a trick again? I don't believe it!' Because your negative emotions have failed to control automatically, in order to avoid further expansion of adverse effects and completely eliminate abnormalities, 200 anger points are forced to offset, and 2 martial arts points are deducted. Account Balance:-. 'Bin said:' Liu Wei's pair is similar to us. 'At this time, people all witnessed Yufeng throwing a car to the top of a 100-meter-high mountain, and they couldn't help looking at him in amazement! Liu Wei and Bin are high school classmates and very good friends. University Chinese After graduating from the department, he is now working as a literary editor in a magazine. Let her hold his high-spirited-long-form series of novels archer MM is very happy today, she has gained a lot, and got a mulberry arc bow and bronze . An S-level [three consecutive shooting LV-1] skill book, the archer MM laughed crookedly. His wife Mu Yun is a middle school teacher, I am three years younger, and I am very beautiful. The children of our two families We have both gone to work in other places. In our free days, the two of us often eat together and talk with each other. Zhou Wei stretched out his hands and said with a wry smile: 'The eldest lady is really nervous, and she still thinks about eating at this time. 'Liu Wei is very good, tall, and looks like a scholar. To be honest, although Liu Wei is elegant in writing, maybe because of this, I don't take his talents seriously. 'I think there is indeed a Jinglecheng. Where, you go with me, and find out if there is a missing master? 'I recognize his character as a friend, but I don't really like his profession. Medicine is realistic and literature is ethereal. This kind of professional contradiction prevents me from talking deeply with him. 'Then it is good now. Did you order? Does it matter? Or I will treat you. 'Zhu Jiarou listened, and looked at Su Su with concern. Mu Yun was very good, we almost talked about everything. Several times Bin went to the evening shift, Liu Wei went on a business trip, and we slept in the same bed. The women were together, There are always many topics, and she also complained that Liu Wei was on a business trip, sometimes for a work, three or five months away. Uncle Qi is in his 60s this year. Although he has awakened the wood power, he cannot be like a young man. Go outside to kill the zombies, unable to exercise her abilities. It can be seen that she is also unspeakable. 'It was said before that Li Shijian and the two soldiers with the same figure entered the meteorite and fell to the ground, and the topics that were changed later were interrupted by Tianchou's curiosity. Don’t blame the old man. 'Sometimes when we both slept in the middle of the night, I found that she was not very honest in the bed. I am a doctor, of course I know what she is doing. I pretend to be sleeping so that she will not be embarrassed. After she was asleep, I found out that she was already asleep Soaked, the pubic hair that is more than mine is also full of lewd fluid. Mo Lianyun is surrounded by demonic energy, his eyes have lost their true colors, and his pupils are dark as ink, gloomy and terrifying, he said: 'As long as the goal can be achieved, It's all worth it. It turns out that this is the famous sound technique of the magic door, I would like to ask for advice! 'Soon, he entered me, and I felt the unparalleled fullness of the vagina, far better than the self-adjustment of the Shenzhen market, far better than the experience in the physical examination... 'No, I just can't see the depth of the person. , I feel that he seems to be very powerful, but I don't know what state he has reached. 'This is a night that makes me feel young. We did it three times. Love Dolls Anime Sex Dolls Flat Chested Sex DollsMini Sex Dolls 3X Doll 6YE Doll SY Doll JY Doll WM Doll The last time I took the initiative to be in the upper position... Seeing Jiang Yuan sitting like the second uncle, Yi Ling was quite unhappy, but after all, I wanted to People, immediately went around behind Jiang Yuan, squeezed his shoulders and beat him on the back, like an angry little daughter-in-law. The next morning, Liu Wei was still asleep, I got up quietly. After going downstairs, Bin and Mu Yun is still asleep in the room, I don’t know why, I don’t feel jealous at all. Physical recovery +24, comfort +21, sleep quality +20, Longyang is good +23, soldiers return to heart +22 (not activated) I am satisfied , I feel more satisfied with Bin. We still love each other. Last night, we were just an activity that each other needed. The Spanish teenager tried to get rid of Verrati after getting the ball, but was tripped to the ground by the Italian defense, fighting for Real Madrid There was a direct free kick opportunity 25 meters from the goal. I started to prepare breakfast in the kitchen. The sun rises very early in the summer, and the sky is full of sunrise in the east. I couldn’t help humming what the men sang last night. Song. Feeling a tremor in the back of the person in his arms, Lin Bei looked down, Qin Yuwei's red eyes, buried her head in Lin Bei's arms and wept silently. When I was ready, Liu Wei and Mu Yun He Bin both got up. Mu Yun blinked at me mischievously, without a word of tea talk. From everyone's satisfied eyes, we all know that a new life has begun. The Turkic Qingqi didn't expect this. The seemingly fleeing old and weak people actually still have so many bows. Because they got too close, four or five people shot arrows at once. I asked Bin: 'What's wrong with Liu Wei? 'This is just the prison monument of the prison monument, it's just the incomplete prison monument. It is far from possible to suppress a true saint!' ! 'Bin said: 'It seems to be lacking in shame! 'Just watching Tang Wumei bow down to the white night again, she tremblingly shouted: 'Tang Tang Wumei is willing to present a large array of tearing air to Lord Bai.' To see the latest chapter of the novel, please follow the WeChat account: rdww444 and I asked: 'Mu Yun It's very strong, isn't Liu Wei no good? 'Xu Ziming is also not welcome. A burst of fighting spirit burst out in his eyes. The person rushed towards the white night and slashed with a stern blade. I told Bin about Mu Yun's self-restraint. When it comes to Mu Yun's thick and dense When I was getting pubic hair, I found that Bin's little brother suddenly strengthened. 'Thank you, but it's fine to move to your cave. I can handle it by myself. 'Bai Ye laughed. Bin said: 'It is reasonable to say that Liu Wei is not bad. Don't think he is not very fat, but the guy is thick and long, with pubic hair all over his lower abdomen. 'After that, Bin still gestured with his hands the thickness and length of Liu Wei's penis. 'My lord, how do you plan to break the defensive barrier of Tangquan Mountain? 'A commander asked cautiously. I don't know why, I was agitated all of a sudden, I felt my lower body was getting wet, and a flow of heat surged in my abdomen. My mind suddenly felt like a movie. : That guy from Shenzhen, that sudden experience, that Liu Wei's thick and long penis... I took off the clothes library and lay down naked. 'Tomorrow will be an exchange meeting, I Will try to put pressure on her and make her speak. 'Bin inserted, and he said, 'You are so wet, did you hear me talking about Liu Wei's baby?' 'Regardless of whether Ye Xiu said it or not, Tang Zhe eventually insisted on personally sending Ye Xiu back to the door of Bihuayuan's villa. I also refused to give in and said, 'You are also very hard!' It must be Mu Yun's pubic hair that attracted you. 'Ke Shuren smiled and looked at Ye Xiu, who was anxious. 'Now this is a good opportunity. After becoming their teacher, you can communicate with them often.' 'Bin tremblingly said in the frenetic thrust: 'I don't care if you want it or not, I must call Liu Wei to come to you... I will also go to Mu Yun once... Are you willing?' 'Ye Xiu knew that Zhang Tianshi was referring to Li Wenlong fighting the Westerner. He instinctively wanted to refute it, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by Zhang Tianshi. I feel that this is a thorn that has never been seen in years. Pu, confused, I just said: 'I am willing...I think Liu Wei, let Liu Wei come to me! 'Qin Feng's thatched Confucian House was also changed into a more solid wooden house, which was voluntarily funded by the parents of the students. I lost my mind. Maybe it was my failure, and Bin succeeded! That night, we came twice. Looking at Situ Ming running with his tail clipped, it really looks a bit like being called back to eat by his mother. (3) These five commanders are all wearing military uniforms of captains. Obviously they were captains of other corps. They have been selected. The elite Huang Qijun is used as a commander of thousands. Bin’s success has added a lot of warmth to our lives. Having sex with Liu Weifu and Fu Fanxiang Jiao has become a topic that Bin and I must talk about every time we are angry. On Ling Yun, Across the bead curtain, Luoshen looked at the top of Luocheng, standing out of the sky, slowly like Lin's many strong men, muttering to themselves, as if immersed in the memories of the past. We all know each other's anxiety, every time we go to bed , Bin always talks about how Liu Wei is so stalwart and how he wants to hit me; I always tell Bin jokingly how Mu Yun's breasts are firm, his pubic hair is so many and bright, and how I will cooperate when Liu Wei comes to me. He.... Although the man is leaning on a cane, the weather in Los Angeles is not hot, even a little bit cold, but there is a folding fan on the belt around the man's waist. These novel topics. A magical catalytic effect occurred, and the number of times I had sex with Bin increased significantly, and it became more and more harmonious. 'I heard that Zixiao Sword Sect also fought in other Sanxian realms before, and most of them used these Zixiao sword slaves. It’s enough to charge into battle...” One afternoon, I was resting at home, the door rang, I opened the door, and Liu Wei came. He just returned from a business trip and brought two bottles of 'Qinggou Wine' for Bin. Liu Wei is a frequent visitor and he is very casual I sat down on the sofa. I felt a blush. Just last night, I was still in bed calling 'Let Liu Wei come to me', and now he is right in front of me...Qin Feng's face was wiped by the rain With a cheek like a knife, he said: 'Because you have already suffered too much for me before I came. Besides...' Liu Wei seemed to notice my fever and said, 'What's the matter with you? The air conditioner is still on, are you still hot? 'In the seemingly simple and straightforward swordsmanship, there seems to be a kind of clumsy and clumsy taste, returning to the basics. It is a bit exaggerated. After all, he hasn't reached that level. It just has that kind of feeling. Of course he doesn't know me. It’s a general reason, but I always think he has a glimpse of my inner secret. Let her hold his high-spirited-long-length novel collection of twenty seven-star forces. Naturally, they will also let those five hundred People know that it is convenient for them to make a choice, but once they have made a choice, they cannot change it. They will follow the people of that power back to the mountain gate and accept the assessment. The more uncomfortable the heart, the more dishonest the eyes. For the first time in my life, I looked carefully With Liu Wei’s face, I also caught a glimpse of the huge bulge in his outer storehouse. For the first time in my heart, I had a very good impression of him. This is a great way to go further, and it is also a continuous consolidation of the foundation. It will be even more amazing. Liu Wei found out that I was unusual, but he was at a loss, and Monk Zhang Er had no idea. We just said a few words, and he said goodbye. Maybe it was driven by anxious psychology, I really want him to stay more. I have a few words, but I don’t dare, I’m not afraid, but I don’t know why. It seems that the danger is sensed, and the purple flame trembles suddenly. It was originally just the size of a palm, and it became hot and exuberant as if it was going to soar into the sky. Like. Liu Wei obviously told Bin about my unnaturalness. At ten o'clock in the evening, Bin came home and he told me that he had dinner with Liu Wei. He 'sly' said to me: 'You He is a person who can't do bad things. Whenever bad things happen, his face is all written. 'My face became ashamed. The simple and extremely simple door of the Spirit Tomb was really opened, but inside the door was a dark world, as if leading to the abyss. I asked: 'What did Liu Wei tell you? 'Although his true strength lies in the sword, without a sword, his strength is not fully displayed. However, with the improvement of his realm and the enhancement of kendo, even without a sword, Chen Zong can still perform amazingly. Combat power. Bin said: 'Liu Wei guessed eight points. 'I said:' Guess what? 'Chen Zong was not discouraged. If he succeeded in that simple way, it would only show his lack of power.' Bin said: 'I wanted to be sloppy, but Liu Wei is the real one. 'I asked:' How does he practice the law? 'Unexpectedly, I would see a master of the sub-general level here and become my opponent.

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