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    “Tu es le prochain” : un tweet de LeBron James déclenche la polémique


    Sur Twitter, LeBron James, star de la NBA, a posté le message “Tu es le prochain” avec une photo de l’officier de police de Columbus Nicholas Reardon, identifié comme l’agent qui a tiré sur Ma’Khia Bryant, une jeune fille de 16 ans lors d’une dispute dans la ville de l’Ohio mardi.

    Commentaires via Facebook :


    1. In a nutshell officer brain did poor job of processing condition before him. To me it clearly appeared girl murdered by officer was attempting to frighten two girls by threatening with knife. Totall circumstance of officer body camera video taped show when knife wielding girl had one girl on ground vulnerable to knife threat she immediately left her turn to second girl holding knife with much same threatening gestures. It was stupid plus angry but childlike choice not to drop knife as ordered by murderous police officer .
      Fact officer at close range shot child in vital area four times show he was murderer. Police officials in their description of where officers are taught to shoot victims acknowledge officers are taught to shoot to kill . Officer was of proximity to murdered girl he could have shot her in butt but shooting her four time at any area of body likely would have killed her.
      This perpetual killing of blacks when not needed justified or not speaks volumes for black police officers consideration plus position in conditions by Caucasian officers . Black officers including police chiefs are considered by caucasians simply another level of Step N Fetch it division of nigger community. They must go along with what caucasians say is right. Stupid is what stupid do.
      Officer shot girl clearly three times too many .
      More proof JJ appointed leaders are bitch niggers.
      Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan

      • Another coward caucasain animal kill a citizen… somehow some people makes it about a tweet. We don’t give a dam about Lebron’s tweet !


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