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Who Is the Largest Producer of Concrete?
Top Concrete Companies in the World: China National Building Material Co., Ltd,Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd,Heidelberg Cement AG,CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V,UltraTech Cement Ltd,Votorantim Participações S. A,InterCement Brasil S.A,CRH PLC,Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc. Ramco Cements, Dalmia Cement, JK Cement, Birla Corp.
List of Top 10 Cement Companies in USA
1. LafargeHolcim
LafargeHolcim cement was established in the year 2015 by the merger of the Swiss cement producer company Holcim and the French construction company Lafarge. 220 nos of Large Cement Companies in us
LafargeHolcim has a currently present in 70+ countries in the world and currently 72,452+ employes across its multiple operations also largest Cement Factory in USA.
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2. Cemex
Cemex company 5th in the list of the top 10 cement companies in the world. Cemenx producing 87.09 MT(Million Tonnes )of cement last year, with an estimated production capacity of cement 93 million tonnes across the world its 56 cement production factories.
Cemex company is a Mexican and multinational building materials company and its headquartered located in San Pedro, near Monterrey, Mexico.
3. Lehigh Hanson
Heidelberg cement is 4th largest cement manufacturer company in the world, and its producing 121.11 MT (million tonnes) of cement last year across its 79 plants across in the world.
Heidelberg cement is the biggest cement company in Germany, and company currently employs 55,047 above throughout its operations. Heidelberg Cement is primarily known for manufacturing cement, concrete, aggregates, asphalt.
4. Buzzi Unicem
Buzzi Unicem cement is basically an Italian company and one of the top cement producer companies in the USA. Buzzi Unicem US headquarters located in Pennsylvania. Buzzi Unicem has 7 cement factories in the USA with a total production capacity of 9 million tons per year.
Buzzi Unicem mainly specializes in portland cement and masonry cement and supplies top various concrete product paving firms and companies.
Based in Bethlehem, PA, Buzzi Unicem cement provides portland, masonry, portland lime, and CSA cement in red, gray, black, and buff colors, depending on the type. They also provide rapid-setting repair and ready-mix concrete products.
5. Ash Grove Cement
Ash Grove was basically from a USA company, but it was currently acquired by CRH plc, it is basically an Ireland building materials company. Ash Grove company is one of the top cement producing companies in the USA, with more than 135 years in the country, and it is known for its quality cement production. Ash Grove Cement Company, is located in Overland Park, TX, is a subsidiary of CRH. They offer types of masonry, soil stabilizing I-V, slag, oil well, and fly ash cement.
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6. Martin Marietta Materials
Martin Marietta cement headquarters located in North Carolina, and it is one of the best and top cement producers in the USA.
Martin Marietta cement specializes in ready mix concrete, cement, aggregates, and other cement-related products. Martin Marietta cement company is another biggest cement company in the USA.
Martin Marietta cement has works in 27 states in the USA and also offices in Bahamas and Canada.
7. Eagle Materials
Eagle Materials Cement is one of the leading and biggest cement companies in the USA. Eagle Materials cement has 7 cement plants in the USA. And its headquarter located in Texas. Eagle Materials produces paperboard, gypsum, aggregate, wallboard, and concrete.
8. Essroc Cement
Essroc Cement is a subsidiary by Italcementi cement. Essroc cemnet is an Italian multinational cement manufacturer and producer, and its headquarter located in Italy, Bergamo. Essroc Cement is 6th largest cement manufacturer in the world.
Essroc Cement produces 76.62 MT (million tonnes) of cement last year. Essroc Cement claims to have a production capacity of cement over 77 MT (million tonnes) across 60 cement factories in the USA.
9. Argos Cement
Argos cement headquarters located in Colombia, and It is a leading global producer of cement. Argos Cement is one of the biggest cement companies in the USA. Argos has 4 cement factories in the USA and is ranked 4th largest cement producer in Southeast USA. Argos mainly offers masonry, concrete, aggregates, and cement.
Argos USA Corporation provides packaged and bulk masonry, portland, mortar, and stucco cement, as well as concrete mixes, supplementary cement material, and cement lime. Their portland and masonry cement is available in different colors, depending on the type, and portland cement comes in type I-IL varieties.
Argos Cement USA is certified by the national ready mix concrete association of Green-Star.
10. St. Marys Cement
St. Marys cement was founded its roots in Canada, Ontario but after that, it expanded its business in the USA. Currently, St. Marys cement has a total of 6 cement plants, out of these 4 plants in the USA and 2 plants in Canada.
In 1991, the company was acquired or owned by a Brazilian- based cement manufacturer, Votorantim Cimentos. The annual production capacity of St. Marys cement has around 5 Million Tonnes.
Some of the well-known landmark projects of St. Marys are CN tower, Darlington Nuclear station, and Maple leaf gardens.
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