Working Men’s Clubs in Sheffield Archive


I wonder if your Mum knew my aunt and Uncle, Shirley and Derrick . Uncle Derrick passed away a few years ago now but spent some time with Shirley when i was in the UK in 2003. I can remember going to the club and thinking it was very special hvaing a family member who looked after a bar. The exhilaration of being allowed to go without a grown up, the Charabangs would wait for all the kids on Effingam Road, we were all given 2/6d spending money which I think with passing years grew to 5 shilling or maybe more and a name address tag to pin on our coats. We went to either Blackpool or Cleethorpes, the first stop was a free fish and chip dinner for everyone and then we were allowed to go our own way, with strict instruction to be back at the set time or else the coach would go without us. wholesale jerseys from china We headed for the big wheel, the ghost train then hit the beach for a donkey ride some candy floss and a paddle, they were great days, never any trouble and everyone got home safe, simple pleasures that we would never be able to let our kids or grandkids enjoy without keeping a close eye on them. Sad times we live in. Anyway, my Grandfather was in charge of the print shop that published Our Clubs his name was Walt Day does anyone remember him? His daughter (my mother) was Valerie Day and she worked for him. My father Gordon Wilson booked the acts for the Walkley Working Mens Clubs.A group could have a full diary for the year and never go out of the area there was so many. they once played for a stipper because her tape broke down she draped her discarded clothes on them. Most memorable was one who started in a cat suit, complete with tail, and near the end of the show pushed both boobs into a bowler hat and sang ” I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”. The image has stayed with me all these years. Talent like that should always be appreciated.

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