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  1. Oh I know I need learn French plus languages used in Mali. One of my priority acts on level of getting medical treatment to cure fungus infection I possess is hire assistant capable of teaching me to speak, read plus write french .
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan

  2. We immediately need to ban all citizens from building communities near feces dumps . Feces dumps creates healthcare crisis including dental for those living near feces dumps. Diseases to be found near these dumps shorten lifespan plus cause poor general health for citizens. It is most likely if they did not live near feces dumps they would enjoy great health, longer lifespan plus be more wealthy.
    Good Malian Government must immediately ban living near feces dumps, make feces dumps pits much deeper as in as deep as possible without disturbing underground water supply plus feces should have sufficient chlorine mixture combined in tanker carry sludge so that sludge is disinfected before dump. We must invest in moving communities near feces dumps, rebuild them elsewhere at thrift cost. It is essential condition
    Disinfecting is essential to helping control Covid 19. Failure likely if not already will cause many outbreaks plus kill .
    Government should give higher priority to educating more dentists in every ethnic group . Prevention is best healthcare method plus prevention is best managed by making preventative knowledge available to all plus supplies required for citizens to manage preventative actions. With government invoking preventative healthcare healthcare overall cost should be lowered. We will have healthier workforce plus citizens plus funds saved could be used in other essential developments.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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