05 ans de transition : la Convention pour la République dénonce une « trahison » de la volonté des participants aux ANR


La Convention pour la République qui a pris part à la phase finale des Assises nationales de la refondation (ANR) ne se reconnaît pas dans certaines recommandations issues de ces rencontres. Dans un communiqué déposé à la rédaction de maliweb.net, le parti politique affirme que la proposition de 05 ans pour la transition « trahit la volonté des participants ».


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  1. Malians must successful resist falling prey to do nothing but cause injury political class plus groups it control. Ask yourselves who of political class plus groups it control have been to areas of battle plus fought terrorists/ jahadists /violent criminals that seek to capture Mali? Likely few if any but they all seek to control Mali in order to plunder it before terrorists/ jahadists/ violent criminals their actions assist may come to power in Mali may do. In their hearts they have already caused Mali to lose war. If that is what you would like to have follow political class. That might be only thing lazy worthless ass political class deliver. I like convenient world class living with security plus I believe every female plus willing to work male in Mali deserve same but will only get that Greater Good if we continue to pursue African democracy as being done. We must have practical one party democracy to do that. Caucasian Western democracy model political class want have have not ever been present in Africa despite fact it have been supposedly delivered for decades if not centuries. There is only illusion it exist.Caucasian Western democracy is neither designed by or for Africans. That is cause it do not or will not ever work to any great benefits in Africa. Caucasian Western democracy is designed to benefit Caucasians of Western democracy above all no matter where they may be. Laws are cleverly plus timely changed to fulfill that goal. Is that what Malians would like to have? I hope not being it is evidence that psychological enslavement to foreign religions plus ways is fighting hard battle of ideas against delivering Greater Good to us despite our knowledge of its injurious to us.
    We must not lose. Seek Greater Good? If he’ll exist political class should burn in it.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan

  2. Vous n’avez rien vu d’abord, la fourberie de Koukalani tempi pour ceux sui se sont laissés bernés , quelles assisses nationales ? C’est dommage que les gens n’ont pas vite compris cette mascarade .

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