76ers unveil new redesigned logos


76ers unveil new redesigned logos

The new design for the primary logo isn’t a radical change. The 76ers script remains the same, but the basketball it is written on has shifted slightly. The team added a blue circle with “Philadelphia” on the top and six stars on the bottom that encompasses the basketball.

The biggest change is the introduction of two different secondary logos.

The second logo features a basketball playing Ben Franklin, which was an option when the organization allowed fans to vote for a mascot to replace Hip Hop. wholesale nfl jerseys from china (Another choice was B. Franklin Dogg. The current 76ers mascot appears to be a version of B. Franklin Dogg. No word on what the 76ers did with the other choice, Phil E. Moose.)

Fans have a week to adjust to the new logos as the NBA Draft Lottery is set for May 19.

As many as three envelopes could contain the new logo as the 76ers have the rights to the Los Angeles Lakers’ pick (top five protected), the Miami Heat’s pick (top 10 protected) and their own pick.

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