This unusual view of a bus nosed into a huge


This unusual view of a bus nosed into a huge bomb crater in a London street, was made after one of last year?s heavy night air raids of 1941. The omnibus seen in the crater in a London Suburban street in photo released on Jan. 23, 1942. We already have a national tree native to only parts of the country. The maple cares little for the prairies (Manitoba maples not being true maples), the boreal forest, the tundra or the alpine. The maple represents life and food, and the great (now largely cleared and fragmented) forests of Canada’s East..

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canada goose The issue of wages is also top on KFC’s list. The company believes that workers should be paid according to their efforts. Consequently, there is an element of fairness when it comes to the way the company treats its employees. Luck too played a role: It was daylight, visibility was good and the pilots were able to choose a suitable, albeit hardly ideal location to put the plane down. Darkness, poor weather or just the slightest change of location, and the result could easily have been catastrophic. This was, in a way, both worst case and best case scenario canada goose.

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