Vejle describes walking through the exhibit


The Incredible Psaligraphy of Karen Bit Vejle, an exhibit of 54 of her paper creations Hermes birkin replica Bags, opens Saturday at the American Swedish Institute. Vejle describes walking through the exhibit, where her work is mounted between glass and hung from the ceiling, as entering a of paper cuts. She talk about her art and lead tours this weekend..

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Officials running Boston’s wireless Internet program are expecting dozens of vendors, systems integrators, and service providers to respond by Friday to a request for information on how they could contribute to a citywide WiFi network, said Pam Reeve, chief executive of OpenAirBoston, the nonprofit corporation running the program. A pilot wireless program covering 1.1 square miles in the Grove Hall neighborhood is planned by the end of this month, Reeve told the MuniWireless07 conference in Newton. She said Boston plans to deploy its citywide network by the end of 2008 at an estimated cost of $12 million to $15 million.

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