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sam 21 Mai 2022 - 21:12
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Burkina: des soldats se mutinent pour exiger le départ des chefs de l’armée


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  1. This is more evidence showing incompetence of ECOWAS plus African Union. Organization proclaiming they work in Africans best interest but are secretly greatly influenced or directed by foreigners. It seem those organizations exist to coordinate chaos foreigners secretly plus cleverly direct against Africans for gain of wealth plus power sake.
    It seem everywhere in Africa french military exist terrorists thrive plus repeatedly carry out murderous successful military actions against Africans.
    West Africa desperately need well trained, armed plus staffed anti- terrorists army that coordinate military actions with West African nations where terrorists exist. Anti-terrorists army goal should be complete eradication of terrorists. Longer we take to build anti- terrorists army more it cost in lives, property plus financial wealth. For sake of survival West African nations corruption with impunity must be set aside so that necessary military buildup may immediately take place with each west African nation infected with terrorists may begin No stone left unturned offensive it able to sustain that in steps plus stages that eradicate terrorists. Where feasible plus to our advantage nations should coordinate their military actions against terrorists.
    These are goals that need be fulfilled across Sahel nations plus there should be no more tolerance for ECOWAS traitorous dumb shit like sanctions against nations working to satisfy for their citizens greater good goals of living in modern community .
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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