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Mali : l’accord d’Alger, chimère ou réalité ?


ANALYSE. L’accord pour la paix et la réconciliation au Mali signé à Alger en 2015 fait l’objet de beaucoup de commentaires. Nous proposons de le décrypter.

SOURCE: https://www.lepoint.fr/afrique

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  1. Boua le ventru IBK a ete a Alger deas accords avec la queue entre les jambes car il a donne une victoire militaire tres eclatente aux Jihadistes et rebels a Kidal avec la complicite de Moussa Joseph, alors nous sommes dans une realite chimere, nous ne savons pas en verite ce que Boua le ventru IBK a signe a Alger et meme lui meme ne sait pas!

  2. As set forth that fraudulent, illegal plus unconstitutional agreement is chimera. Could you imagine those trying to obligated government of Mali to concede to that fraudulent agreement trying to get Europe or United States to do same with seventy percent of their territory?
    United States could not get Trump as it’s president to hold to legal agreements in Asia that Trump believe we’re not in United States best interest . Agreements were cancelled by Trump with no objections from Europe whose now trying in stupidity to impose illegal Algiers agreement on Mali.
    That Algiers agreement in honesty appear to be corrupt plan between IBK family plus french to seize to be oil fields, solar fields plus wind energy fields of Mali to market those fields energy goods for funds to be split between IBK family plus corrupt Europeans with small grant going to inhabitants of north Mali.
    IBK should have been executed for this shameful, traitorous plus corrupt act. Unto this mess is cleaned up Keita family should be declared traitors plus enemies of Malians government. Only evil traitorous leader would seek to exploit citizens of it’s nation with that illegal plus unconstitutional agreement. We are not so stupid we will allow this treaty. All of Mali belong to people of Mali.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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