Coronavirus: plus de 600 000 décès dans le monde


La pandémie du coronavirus a tué plus de 600 000 personnes dans le monde depuis sa découverte en Chine en décembre, dont plus de 200 000 en Europe et 160 000 en Amérique latine, selon un bilan réalisé par l’AFP.

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  1. although according to number of infections plus deaths Covid 19 appear to be reoccurring nightmare for United States I do not believe it. Americans as individuals despite government plus healthcare officials warning are clearly at a growing number in dealing with Covid 19 are adopting practice of becoming infected then overcoming infection to be forever be immune to Covid 19 reinfection.
    This is not a practice you expect elderly citizens or inactive to adopt but it appear to possess high success rate in this early period.
    Lack of funds drove Africa to do same from onset. I hope chlorine bleach free of toxic additives that kill 99 percent of household germs is being properly used plus large amounts of fluids that make people frequently urinate are being consumed being most effective way to rid body of Covid 19 is frequent urination.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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