Macron à un étudiant Burkinabé : “Vous m’avez parlé comme si j’étais le Président du Burkina Faso”

Macron au Faso

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  1. comrades I guess MACron think Buntu (negroid) people are blind or insanely ignorant or subject to evaluate conditions to exist only as he desire for us to. Truth is European Union (EU) is managing so much of West Africa by way of “puppet governments” including Burkina Faso we should not try to deceive ourselves into believing government of Burkina Faso will act on any major issue without France approval thus, many feel it is much more expedient to refer questions on major issues in Burkina Faso to president of France where possible. On occasion in article it was possible plus student was well within due reasoning however, it appear MACron chose to deceptive plus imply he is denying government of Burkina Faso is in servitude to France desires. It is extremely difficult to be productive with such deceit plus trickery in use by those in authority but, please do not give up? Very much sincere, Henry Author (people of books) Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

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