Moscou accuse Biden d’avoir conduit les relations russo-américaines “au bord de la rupture”


La Russie a convoqué lundi l’ambassadeur américain et accusé le président Joe Biden d’avoir conduit les relations entre Washington et Moscou “au bord de la rupture” par ses déclarations “indignes” visant Vladimir Poutine.

Les déclarations de M. Biden, qui a notamment qualifié son homologue russe Vladimir Poutine de “criminel de guerre” pour son offensive en Ukraine, “sont indignes d’un homme d’Etat de haut rang”, a estimé le ministère russe des Affaires étrangères dans un communiqué publié après la convocation du représentant américain. Le ministère a dit avoir signifié à l’ambassadeur américain John Sullivan que de telles remarques “conduisent les relations russo-américaines au bord de la rupture”.

Il a aussi affirmé l’avoir averti que “les actions hostiles menées contre la Russie seront fermement et résolument repoussées”, ajoutant que la question du fonctionnement des missions diplomatiques respectives avait été abordée, dans un contexte de sanctions et de plusieurs vagues d’expulsions croisées.

Joe Biden avait pour la première fois qualifié la semaine dernière le président russe Vladimir Poutine de “criminel de guerre”. Le porte-parole du Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, avait dénoncé une rhétorique “inacceptable et impardonnable”.


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  1. Like everyone else in this world I certainly do not want world war 3 which is where ongoing war in Ukraine between EU hiding behind Ukraine with United States military veterans as mercenaries doing most of hard core fighting against Russia. If fight continue to escalate it is most likely to end at world war 3 hopefully without nuclear weapons but with egos as they are nuclear weapons could be put to use at any given moment without notice.
    My concern for curiosity sake is whose paying bill for American mercenaries fighting so well in Ukraine? At last check by me while Bush was United States President with security group then known as Blackwater as reference I was told high skill battle harden mercenaries in combat zone earned minimum of 1,000 US dollars per day. Those having special skills as I do could earn more but that group worked with only members of Blackwater as combat partners. It would take billionaires to pay 30,000 United States mercenaries 1,000 per day with money daily deposited in their bank accounts.President of Ukraine is said to be Jewish plus should have contact Jewish billionaires of wealth that could easily afford mercenaries whose provided free United States weapons. I imagined Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Bloomfield, Elon Musk all contributing 2 billion US dollars to pot as enough money at rate given to keep those battle harden United States mercenaries fighting for Ukraine plus EU for damn near year.
    America is making classic bully move doing for Ukraine plus EU what it will not allow China to do for Russia but economic agreement China had with Russia before war in Ukraine China for now is keeping disregarding in entirety what American bully want China to financially do toward Russia. This is mess. It is fight for territory capable of feeding 200 million people per year under Global Warming.
    Real trouble do not start until China start to take whatever action necessary to bring Taiwan back under China Mainland control. Likely it will take physical war that China will bring to United States shores if United States militarily interfere. That is scary plus have very real likelihood. China will not take same approach as Russia. If United States act militarily in Taiwan which is recognized as part of China China will feel obligated to militarily act on American shores. I hope American government is not sleep on this likelihood plus carefully consider it. There will be no room for error.
    Global Warming is separating men from want to be men. Guess I will go party, make money plus enjoy life or death show they are putting on.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan

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