Barack Obama poussé à gracier tous azimuts avant de partir



  1. Comrades it is impossible for him to grace his way pass “Red Berets” plus their families slaughtered while “red Berets” who were in military training was deserted by US Marines on Obama orders plus left without weapons to fight terrorists. It is apex showing of biracial African American incompetence due to individual being awarded position unqualified to hold plus duly manage. It is to much for me being there were many safe alternatives instead he chose one of worst of bad alternatives. Very much sincere, Henry Author Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan.

  2. Comrades most Americans see Obama as a popular, well spoken plus much liked American president however, they appear to ignore overriding element in his disposition which is incompetence moreover, his vice-president was much same likely a key element in his vice president not seeking to become president after Obama. Personally I believe Obama incompetence is a result of a lifetime of not having to greater details deal with actualities of conditions. Not having to deal with actualities greater details is often a gratuity granted to negroid-caucasian biracial children in America thus, provide for their careers to advance at much quicker pace. Unfortunately with Obama at end of his terms actuality of greatness of his accomplishments under total circumstance is far below what is average. It is amazing what being well spoken plus liked could do for a politician career in America. I tend to favor great results which Obama accomplished little of with important matters including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa plus long term American healthcare not to mention Mali which is dear to my heart. Yes I will be happy to see him go as president of America. Very much sincere, Henry Author Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu Il-Khan aka Kankan.

    • Comrades although I do agree with Obama modifying sentences to fit offense I know somebody did not do their homework properly on drug dealers. Violence is unavoidable in illicit drug business either drug dealer carry it out or someone else including police is hired to carry it out for them. This I know. Over a period excess decades I spoke with drug dealers of various levels of drug dealing plus all acknowledged violence is part of business but, few acknowledged taking part in violence whether they were convicted of violent acts or not. Henry Author Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan.

    • Maybe you should compare the country when Obama became president and the country today to understand that President Obama did a great job. The mortgage crisis and the collapse of Wall Street are all among the things of the past! Biden did not run for many reasons including family problem. His son was sick with cancer and he lost him. I hope that you understand the feelings of a father who had just lost a dear son.
      Obama was a community organizer. Therefore, I do agree with you when you said that he did not know the details. I teach three subjects including African American History. Maybe you are not aware of the ONE DROP RULE to talk about biracial in the context of the USA.
      You take care!!!


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