Alpha and Omega


‘Alpha and Omega’

The film focuses on two young wolves in Canada. Alpha Kate (voiced by Hayden Panettiere) is being prepared for life as a leader of the pack. Humphrey (Justin Long) has a longstanding crush on Kate, but there is a problem: He is one of the omegas, who essentially goof around and crack lots of jokes. Think of them as the lupine equivalent of Kotter’s Sweathogs.

The two are relocated to Idaho, where they are supposed to repopulate the forest. Great news for Humphrey, not so good for Kate. She decides they must return home, and with the assistance of a duck and goose who are golfing buddies, they embark on a trek back to Canada.Canada Goose online

The humor is aimed strictly at kids. Do not go into this expecting Pixar style sophistication. In visual terms, this also won’t make anyone forget efforts from studios such as Disney. The film looks a bit hollow, and the 3 D effects are underwhelming. The whole effort lacks a certain oomph in most departments.

Still, the voice cast is game, and there is an adorable early moment in which the two wolves embrace while airborne. Though the film may not keep adults entertained, you could find worse big screen baby sitters for the kids.

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