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How many times have you written something, submitted or published it; then found glaring errors in grammar and/or spelling later?Cheap Jerseys free shipping Or maybe upon reading your product, you feel like it doesn showcase your best talents.

Or even worse, you realize that it doesn even express your originally intended idea and is sorely missing any discernible closure!

It disheartening to re read your prose and find that it resembles an unorganized jumble of unrelated sentences with no salient points to support the main idea.

What happened? You didn mean to take the reader on a wild goose chase. When you were writing, you were excited and happy letting the words just Everything seemed so perfect before you submitted it for publishing. This is a mistake.

If you try to perform both activities at the same time, you will easily overlook errors. Why? Because the mindset and the skills needed for writing are not the same as those needed for editing and proofreading. One is creative, but the other is analytical.

Many times, in the heat of writing there is a strong temptation to write and edit simultaneously. Fight this temptation. Tell yourself that if you try this, neither your writing nor your editing will be effective.

Do yourself a favor and plan for a cool down period between writing and editing/proofreading.

The quality of your writing will reflect it.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the spell check!

It amazing how many people overlook this initial, common sense step in editing. But the amount of spelling errors I see everyday from supposedly submission ready work strengthens my belief that sense is by no means commonplace.

Don join this group. They are doomed to submitting work that is rife with misspellings, making them appear like amateurs.

With the built in, powerful spell check function of all modern word processing programs, there virtually no excuse for spelling errors.

About the only exceptions to this rule that I can think of is when you need to use a foreign word; or when you writing fantasy/science fiction and you decide to makeup an original, word.

Again, begin all editing activity with the spell check.

Spell checks cannot correct grammar, syntax, context, tone, and plot.

The best way that I found to check all the above is to listen to what I written. You can do this by reading your work aloud, having someone else read it, or having your computer via Text To Speech (TTS) read it.

No matter how you have your work read aloud, RECORD IT for later listening. This is easily done with any speaker/microphone enabled computer, modern mobile phone, or (heaven forbid) old fashioned tape recorder.

Compared to editing by reading, listening to your work is far more effective. Errors are more easily caught when you hear what you written vice reading it.

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