People from around the globe were contacting him to stage


By Sophie Sassard and Anjuli Davies LONDON, March 7 (Reuters) The first time Anne Meaux met Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal he laughed at her. It was 2005, and she had just walked unannounced into the steel magnate’s office to tell him he needed to change his strategy if his hostile bid for steelmaker Arcelor were to be palatable to the French government. Mittal stopped laughing, and listened.

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By the evening the story was published, he had a waiting list of over 400 people. Diners were flying in from Vegas, Dallas and NY. People from around the globe were contacting him to stage. If awareness about the environment is slowly changing in the Middle East, Neamatalla, with his extensive network, is surely one of the reasons why. Government and popular support for environmental sustainability in the region must change before Siwa success can be replicated. Unfortunately, the oasis is not enjoyed by a broad enough cross section of Egyptian society to drive meaningful change in public attitudes.

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