IBK aux FAMAs: «vous êtes mon outil de décision»


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  1. comrades we all know FAMAS are great warriors when given proper equipment plus superior arms in adequate amounts but, in this instance on considering IBK faulty decision making if it was not for immediate threat of illegal AZAWAD terrroists/jahadists murderous attacks I would strongly recommend that FAMAS take a paid vacation unto after next president election. However, being it would be ill advised to do such thing I beg of FAMAS to stay alert plus do not take military actions from a way that things were done decades ago where FAMAS were sent to battle ill equipped plus armed but somehow found way to win.
    OLD MEN plus foolish ELDERS believe in many instances battle should still be conducted in such manner however, they either fail to account for destructive powers modern weaponry possessed by illegal AZAWAD terrorists/jahadists or they are only considering corruption funds to be available for them to steal if they do not purchase essential equipment plus superior arms you need for battle. When Moussa Coulibaly become president these uncaring conditions will no longer exist but unto Moussa Coulibaly do become president stay wary of these conditions may exist plus act in accordance.

    “Platform For Change”

    Very much sincere, Henry Author (people of books) Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu Il-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  2. Malheureusement IBK le Mande Djito Keba ne decide absolument de rien, sinon Kidal serait libre aujourd’hui et Tombouctou, Menaka, Segou et Mopti securises.

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