Les États-Unis secouaient par de violentes manifestations qui ont couté la vie d’un homme ce week-end à Portland. Un militant d’extrême droite qui s’est opposé aux protestations antiracistes. Donald Trump lui a rendu hommage sur Twitter. Son adversaire Joe Biden l’a accusé d’être reponsable de ces tensions.

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  1. Well as cliche go ” let truth be told”. If Negroids of America had gotten out of their cocaine addict Obama mode plus went to polls plus voted for Hillary Clinton similar to how they voted for turn nation over to Harvard for managing Obama Trump would not be president. So whatever come with Trump is what they earn. More to point if I was Hillary I would tell them all if there is a hell below go. What is going on with Trump went on while Obama was president however Trump fan flame of Law Ann Order.
    This started to my Detroit, Michigan (USA) knowledge 45 years ago. First time I heard it was as high school athlete as interracial affairs were becoming common when a couple of friends one caucasian other Negroid disagreed about female- male interracial relationships with my attention plus several others being caught when caucasian stated” when you go over to another village to take a woman you best do it by that village rules or you could cause problems”. Negroid responded to effect of I do my way you do it your way. Over decades I have heard similar statements plus responses many times. No problem to me my sons plus grandsons penis like mine are circumcised. Well finally that condition have boiled over as expected with uncircumcised Negroid Americans flaunting their sexual activity with caucasian women. It is intolerable to caucasian males to extent that violence due to this matter will not subside regardless of who is elected president.
    Now you have underlying info on this mess.
    Sad fact Negroid women could lessen likelihood by having their sons circumcised. American law give them above father power to make that decision upon a child birth. Is she nasty at heart or woman hater or do not want her child hurt or what? Circumcise them in their best interest!
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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