Réadmission d’un migrant spécial : L’ASSNAT signe son accord

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  1. J’aime l’image. Elle symbolise une presse émancipée et intelligente. Très riche en contenu: dangers de l’immigration, tiraillements politiques actuels au Mali, gestion du dossier (épineux) ATT, … Félicitations à la presse malienne!

  2. Vive l’Assemblée !!!!! ATT a couvert les immirgés malien mais le pauvre et soulard, le maudit IBK nous a livrés aux polices européennes pour se faire réelire.
    Tu nous manques ATT, revient nous défendre, nous les immigrés car un soulard nous a échangés contre des bouteilles de Whisky ecossais.

  3. Comrades to put conditions in proverbial nutshell would be to acknowledge that” this world would like plus is beginning to meaningfully enforce that it would like for Africans to take responsibility for themselves”. This start by at least significantly reducing corruption where we are unable to end it at this time. Of course this will also cut ill gotten funds a number of Europeans receive by way of Africa through illegal business acts plus corrupt African overseer government officials. Yes people it is time to do or die. Buntu we are doing. I know a number of you Buntu chumps will try to turn caucasian on us as you run off with ill gotten wealth but, it will not stop us from doing what is clearly in a developing Africa best interest which is to quickly develop under Live Well Africa movement agenda promoting self-sufficiency plus self-sustainment. PLAY TIME IS OVER. It Is Time For Buntu Adults To Perform Like Adults On Mission Of A Lifetime. We will have fun much fun along way to achieving our goals. Very sincere, Henry Author Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan.

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