The universe knows what I about


ROH interrupted by homozygous deletions or genotyping errors were manually adjusted. The sum of covered autosomes was 2,691,971,030 bps for the 370 duo, 2,691,868,142 bps for the 610 Quad, and 2,699,116,387 bps for the Omni1 Quad. This calculation, adapted from McQuillan et al.,6 excludes mitochondrial DNA and sex chromosomes:.

Wells was global chief information officer and senior vice president at Shire plc, a FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company (2000 to 2008), supply chain director for Bristol Myers Squibb Central Eastern Europe Division (1996 to 1999) and manager of Information Services International at Mars (1986 to 1996). Mr. Wells holds a M Eng (Master’s of Engineering) from Cambridge University, Cambridge, the United Kingdom (1994)..

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