Why Choose Satellite Tv Over Cable Tv?


Why Choose Satellite Tv Over Cable Tv?

When it comes to making the determination of sobriety definition which way to go for your home entertainment needs, I guess the biggest defining factors would have to be price, dependability, channel choices, picture quality, and customer service, but not necessarily in that order. I抳e had both cable and satellite TV so I can say I抳e had the opportunity to experience the differences, but for those who haven抰, here抯 what I found:

One thing I抳e come to realize about the cable companies is that they seem to believe they hold a monopoly within the areas where they operate, and as far as other cable companies are concerned, they do, but the field is wide open for satellite TV companies. When you think your competition is limited you tend to price higher than you would if you were in a price war with a direct competitor, so on an average when you compare the prices on a cable package against those of a similar satellite TV package they tend to be higher due to this reason.

It use to be that cable won this hands down, but with technology comes greater dependability. Satellite dishes are no longer those unwieldy monstrosities that once use to take up an entire back yard, but are now very compact and capable to deliver superior performance even through inclement weather. As for cable, most of their lines and equipment that was put into place many years ago is still being used, and has more often then not seen interruptions in service.

Channel Choices
When it comes to choices cable doesn抰 even stand a chance. Satellite TV packages overwhelmingly offer more choices since they can be programmed to tap into most every major orbiting satellite that delivers almost every type of programming imaginable, whereas cable companies only offer limited packages defined by their viewing areas.

Picture Quality
Imagine this scenario: A satellite dish pulls in a feed and sends the signal over miles and miles of cable with the help of amplifiers to keep it strong enough to reach your TV, and along the way it degrades dramatically. Now imagine a satellite dish that sends a signal only 20-30 feet to reach your TV. Get the picture?

Customer Service
As for customer service, it抯 the same situation of how people treat you when they know they have tons of competition preoccupation synonym so they need to make sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded, compared to thinking that they are the only game in town so if you need something then you better take a ticket and wait in line with the rest. I can still remember tube map waiting in line at the cable company to speak to a customer service rep who would look at me like I was a bug on her windshield, and would offer me only excuses instead of solutions. To illustrate my point, all you need to do is go to the JD Powers reports that compare TV services, and what you抣l see will open your eyes to just how low the level of customer service is for the cable companies.

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