Lancement de la Semaine nationale de la réconciliation: le Président de la Transition appelle les Maliens à développer l’esprit de pardon et de réconciliation

Le Président de la Transition, SE le Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, Chef de l’État, a présidé le lancement des activités de la 1re édition de la Semaine nationale de la réconciliation (SENARE), ce jeudi 15 septembre 2022, au Centre international de conférence de Bamako (CICB).

À cette occasion, le Chef de l’État a fait savoir que cette cérémonie est « une lueur d’espoir pour le Mali dans sa démarche courageuse pour la réconciliation et la paix ». Selon ses précisions, la grande mobilisation que cette Semaine nationale de la réconciliation a enregistrée est un témoignage éloquent de l’intérêt qu’accordent les Maliens à la réconciliation et à la paix.

Pour expliquer la nécessité de l’institution de cette Semaine dédiée à la réconciliation, le Président de la Transition a rappelé l’effondrement du tissu social depuis des années en raison des conflits fratricides, dévastateurs. C’est pourquoi lors de la Conférence d’entente nationale, tenue en 2019, a-t-il rappelé, les Maliens avaient demandé l’institution d’une Semaine nationale de la réconciliation.

Le Chef de l’État a alors exhorté les Maliens à développer l’esprit de pardon et de réconciliation en se focalisant sur ce qui nous rapproche plutôt que de ce qui nous éloigne les uns des autres.
En organisant cette Semaine de la réconciliation, le ministre de la Réconciliation, de la Paix et de la Cohésion nationale, chargé de l’Accord pour la paix, Col-Major Ismaël WAGUE, donne un écho favorable à une sage demande du peuple malien. Une demande dont la finalité est de trouver des solutions endogènes aux problèmes nationaux.

Le Président GOÏTA a lancé un appel aux mouvements signataires de l’Accord pour la paix : « Le temps est venu de passer à l’union sacrée pour une Nation et une armée refondée ». Le Président GOÏTA fonde donc espoir sur la participation massive de tous les Maliens aux activités de cette Semaine nationale de la réconciliation afin d’en faire un succès grandiose aussi bien dans l’ensemble des régions que dans les juridictions de toutes les ambassades du Mali.

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  1. Il n y aura jamais de réconciliation au Mali. Est ce qu’on sait même ce que signifie réconciliation.
    Un peuple Un but, Un idiot.

  2. To begin I hope attempt at reconciliation is successful but to my knowledge no where in Africa have attempt at forgiveness plus reconciliation worked even though there were much more accommodating conditions. Therefore at best it is good idea that need adjustment that promote resetting of mindset to one taking only actions for sake of all future best interest of quickly developing comfortable world class modern living conditions under unstoppable accelerating Global Warming.
    I propose goal should be altered to something more feasible plus much less of insult to individuals mental well being as forgiving for inhumane treatment that is being requested or ordered required be imposed upon our mental well being as victims. We should promote tolerance for inhumane acts of murder, rape, kidnapping, robbing plus property destruction committed before this day as oppose too promoting forgiveness. Tolerance that will allow us to find mindset necessary to upgrade living conditionsunder belief of foregoing mentioned unforgivable acts will not again occur under any circumstances. To ask forgiveness is possible but to give forgiveness is not reasonable being it open door to foreign armies intending to create chaos to plunder us to receive same forgiveness for heinous acts they commit.
    All people are human but we all are not brothers or/ plus sisters from same origin to acceptable degree therefore we should stop honoring that lie being it lead us astray from truly pursuing conditions in our best interest. Likely that lie was started millenniums ago by some conniving person or group of conniving people. Thereafter unto this day we disrupt our practical good spirit by embracing that lie.
    I fully agree we should become one army of people but it is necessary to make that steps plus stages process where those now managing FAMA continue to hold clear upper position capable of caring out decisive military action at moment notice. Thereof is structure for long term tolerance required for us to evolve out of mindset of madness that have existed excess decade having evil foundation that it will take excess generation to root out by nonviolent means. If given opportunity to return to violence in more successful way those evil will do so this must not be positioned as to where they could.
    We must take practical approach to reconciliation plus have equitable laws that are equally enforced upon all. To fulfill that need we must transcend some cultural plus religious conditions not fitting for circumstance Mali plus Sahel nations of today exist under if we are to quickly develop plus maintain comfortable world class modern living conditions under unstoppable accelerating Global Warming. Developing those living conditions with adequate security should be our number one goal as nation plus continent. After all whether we admit it or not that is at least one of causes we pursue having riches or/ plus power. Comfortable world class modern living conditions is worth it.
    Therefore tolerance for past inhumane acts by those opposing us before this day plus will to productively work together to create comfortable world class modern living conditions under unstoppable accelerating Global Warming should be our goal plus acceptable alternative to Malians government plus people as oppose to forgiveness plus reconciliation that have not been achieved any place in Africa plus most unlikely to be achieved in Mali. Even Desmond Tutu of Africa before his death admitted it did not work in South Africa plus if he had choice to confront idea again he would have opposed it. What he did not acknowledge is that for years I told Negroid South Africans through my writings it would not work. They eventually censored my writing plus proclaimed I was hinderance to peace plus not wanted in South Africa with Tutu at front of that movement. However, during murderous of Negroid days of Apartheid in South Africa they did not hesitate to embrace my directions plus those methods I set forth worked. On occasion some openly professed during truth plus reconciliation methods came from me. Some believed I was taught methods by my Godfather who was US Navy admiral but I was not. Methods were perceived from being practical concerning circumstance in South Africa. I would not like to see Mali become mess South Africa needlessly became plus would not have became if South Africa had been practical as oppose to following ways of misleading foreign religions plus Negroid cultural conditions that had in part run astray from what was fitting for challenges of that day. With intent to avoid same in Mali plus Sahel nations I submit this information.
    Henry Author Price Jr aka Kankan


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