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  1. comrades where there is a sufficient number of good people oppression will not last. In a timely manner it will be eliminated. In case of Mali oppression should be scrutinized to utmost degree. It is a product of evil men who manage a “puppet government” that is servant to a foreign government. Mali’s government is led by alcoholic drug addict whose staffing is a product of nepotism. A government so corrupt that it act as if it believe corruption is right of those who govern. Like mindset is a primary cause Africa despite having capable people or/plus people who are willing to make themselves capable of developing a modern living community do not have modern living communities to degree they should easily exist. To deal with root of this matter is to acknowledge people of Mali like some other nations of Mali are confronting a leadership who fear that as their nation develop they will lose control of government. They have adopted disposition foreign government display to them as a puppet government servant. That disposition is designed to enslave a community. Where they enslave they control however, they are unable plus do not desire to develop that community for in development of community there is loss of puppet like control. Without puppet like control foreign government as well as puppet government of mali are unable to rob Mali of its wealth instead people of Mali will develop modern living conditions to be enjoyed by all citizens of Mali. Thus a cross road is reached by people of Mali which is they are either in belief or/plus actions for modern living conditions for all non violent citizens who labor or they are willing to be forced to endure abysmal violent conditions caused by nepotism, corruption, puppet government plus incompetent government. You all deserve best of what Mali have for you to get. Very much sincere, Henry Price aka Obediah Buntu Il-Khan aka Kankan. translationbuddy.com

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